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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moon Festival 中秋

Last month on the autumn equinox was the 中秋  (zhongTone 1 qiuTone 1)Moon Festival or mid-Autumn Festival. Festivities differ depending on region. In Taiwan it is a time for families to get together eat BBQ, blow off fireworks and fingers and eat. Just do not point directly at the moon because Taiwanese tradition says your face will be scratched up. (Don't ask, I am just telling you what numerous sources told me).

Last year I went down the street to Anping Harbor and walked around the family crowds with friends, ducking between the fireworks, carrying Z, trying not to get our heads blown off. It was very smoky and sounded like a war zone. I literally picked up Z like a football and ran in and out of explosions. This year my friend Grace invited me to go with her husbands family in Tainan County for some moon festival BBQ fun. Her son Jeffrey and his best friend Ethan are also Z's best friends/classmates so it all works out.

Megan and Cyprus
The day before my coworker and former housemate Megan (also from CO) gave birth to her firstborn. I visited her and then unnamed son (now Cyprus) and happy father admiring the new baby. New babies are great, makes me think of my experience good and bad. It made me miss nursing, but definitely not the sleepless nights!

Grace and family and Ethan and his mom Kelly picked us up and went to their family's shrimp farm where an old uncle harvested us a couple of buckets of fresh shrimp and fish to take back to the BBQ. On their fish farm they have their grandfather's grave and from there  a a beautiful view to the gigantic Buddhist temple complex, which we visited before going to the family home.

It was a nice evening of few mosquitoes and lots of meat. The kids were playing with sparklers. A fat uncle would light them up for the kiddies and he later would go behind one of the cars to light the big fireworks. It would all be illegal in the States, even the sparklers so I enjoyed that aspect of it although the kids were frightened of the loudness of the explosions and really they were too loud to appreciate their beautiful colors.

It was a late night for a school night. I enjoyed Grace and Kelly's company. Z was in heaven playing with her friends. I think we really got to appreciate what the Moon Festival is all about which is fellowship and family.



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