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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Children's Day and Tomb Festival

Tomb festival (also Children's day) was a public holiday that fell on a Wednesday in April this year. Me and a group of friends (my Monday night crew) made plans for a BBQ at Tiger Head lake, but because of the threat of rains changed our destination to one with some kind of covering. They chose a place called Green Dragon Mountain on the grounds of an enormous temple. There were trees with orchids, swings, covered stone picnice tables, it was perfect. There were also artistic statues of musicians and mothers like an outdoor sculpture garden that led me into the temple itself which was more like a mini art museum than temple. (Photos here).

There was an assortment of veggies, a massive stew, and lots of meat; Taiwanese greasy sweet sausages, fish balls on skewers, giant prawns, mussels, clams, squid, a great seafood collection. My favorite was the squid, so sweet and light and refreshing, incredibly fresh. We also drank lots of tea, some of them (Vicky my Saturday afternoon language exchange buddy) brought her 5 star bag of tea and it was a great mind/body high all based on oolong and fellowship. All together there were 17 adults and 9 children.

We ate and grazed all day, playing with the kids, taking pictures. My favorite was taking care of the newest little member.

There was live KTV set up across the parking lot and no one was singing. The guitarist was pretty good, he was jamming, I was surprised he didnt know Jonny Be Good, which I would of sung. The aboveYoutube song is some Chinese number I have no idea what it is.

It was a wonderful break in our busy schedules to be with each other and make new memories. Last year we went to Alishan for the weekend, and we'd love to have more entire family get togethers like this more often, but so hard with busy schedules so it just happend with our kids on Monday nights. (And Vicky and I on Saturdays).

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