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Friday, April 1, 2016

What is the Grass? Flutes and snakes and Spring Magic

A child said, What is the grass? Fetching it to me with full hands...-Walt Whitman

Nest outside my office:Malayan Night Heron 黑冠麻鷺
Its Spring and Yilan is in a state of blissful,  aromatic renewal. Easter was last weekend, Children's Day and Tomb Festival are almost here. The big questions of the meaning of life sandwiched between two Spring Holidays.  This week was full of inconspicuous nuances. My daughter remarked how sometimes she feels so contented and awed by the mundane routine then most times unaware or too busy to notice it. I felt the same, sitting around our airy, cozy kitchen astounded how we have everything we need.

Divine Providence has come through again yesterday in the form of two answered prayers. My child has been pining for a flute for the past year and for a snake for even longer. Like a 2nd birthday she got both just hours apart.

First was the flute. We dashed to the home/studio of her new music teacher before my TRX class.

"She's a natural!"
At the Yamaha music store they only have new, silver flutes for 10,500 NT. Influenced from my childhood, I came with the  parental philosophy that kids borrow an instrument when they start. She has got to earn a new one right? So I bought a used one on eBay and got totally ripped off, the costs of repair would cost the same as the new Yamaha.  The classes they offered there at Yamaha were a serious rip-off, at four times a month for 2800NT and their teacher wasn't even available when we were. So we waited and prayed. My daughter was not amused. I told her not to get mad that this in itself is an answered prayer, something is about to happen.

Her music teacher at her elementary school had a used silver Pearl for 10,000 and we brought it home. Finally at the thought of paying so much,  I started asking the mothers of her classmates and found this nice lady near Yilan University basically within walking distance of my house. We got a new silver flute for 4500 NT and classes are 8x a month for 2000. I am so excited for her, wind instruments are her passion. She wants to play for a symphony someday so she says and why not?

When one of the trainers at my gym, (and the entomologist of Beetle Forest) brought in his albino boa it was love at first sight (for her). Finally a snake connection, as the pet stores here either didn't have much selection or were too expensive.

She hounded him for a snake which he gets through one of his scientist friends. I kept on putting off the snake purchase for as long as I could. And then at the end of last semester with her straight A's, it seemed only fitting that she be rewarded and he was more than willing to find a nice young (small one).

So after Chinese New Years we have been missing each other at the gym until the past week when he had indeed bought her a snake.

 Last night we brought home the still sexless boa my daughter named Medusa. Within 5 minutes of bringing her home I got bit! I draw the line at handling mice and "Snake Dude" offered to buy them for us, but its Z's responsibility. Tomorrow after we pick up her girlfriend for a play date I will let them feed her!

Medusa says hello to my hand

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