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Friday, August 27, 2010

Dear potential travel show producer

On the bullet train to Taipei to catch our flight to LAX

Ordering dinner at the local noodle shop after ballet
Visiting Alisse at her hospital before we left Taipei
Hey Potential Travel Show Producer,

Here is an original idea for a travel show. Instead of some young, hot, upper middle class, single chick that can only speak English and gets all her info from LP, why not a single mom with a cute and hyper -intelligent 4 year old that is fluent in Mandarin? Or instead of another white dude who is middle aged and stays at nothing less than a 3 star hotel in Europe, what about a Chicana who was an illegal migrant in western Europe for 2 years and speaks lots of languages (at the very basic level). How many of the ones on TV have survived San Fermin w/o a hotel room, or been in the middle of a gun battle between Kashmiri extremists and the Indian army? Or maintained a vegetarian diet in S. Korea? Or was classed as an American spy and had her passport seized in Sudan?

Traveling when you are young and flexible is one thing, but with a kid, a 4 year old who cant be forced to move beyond her own pace, who likes to try Indian curries and wants to eat snails at the local market, who sometimes refuses to walk by herself and has to be strapped to my back, things can really get interesting, especially when you as a parent haven't had a good nights sleep because one thing or another... That's when the expert travelers are separated from the comfy, holiday makers. Teaching her to be kind when she is tired of all the attention of being the only blue eyes kid in a 50 mile radius,or when we both are sick of the extra attention and just flat out ignore the people, life can get real. Explaining terms like carbon footprint, answering her question if she is indigenous, watching her speak Chinese beyond my level, it gets surreal.

It would definitely make for an entertaining travel show. We could show people what they can do on a budget with their kids (or childlike friends.)

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