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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Funky Town

Its been ages since Ive blogged or written anything. Went to LA and back, than a weekend in Taipei. With work and Z, just so strapped for time like everyone, Im brain dead by the end of the day. I feel like Ive been in a creative funk, lost my passion or something of my self expression which worms its way out in sometimes not so fun ways (throat issues) and sometimes productive (boring) ways, school worksheets or posters. Having said that I did start some paintings Ive been meaning to paint for some time. I started writing about my Borneo and Cali trips and havent finished them. I will , I will!

I  was getting bored of myself and my hair was getting on my nerves so I had it all cut off, chin length and it feels great. It feels more like me, easy breezy, no maintenance. Blessings to all the people who immediately said " I love it!" and to all of you who just stared and didnt say anything or hesitated and didnt compliment me at all (" you cut your hair"), you all suck! My daughter came with me to the hair salon and being the honest type yelled, "Its so ugly, you look like a boy! Mom-boy! Mom-boy!" Is this what living in Taiwan does to girls? Gender rules are so clearly and sharply defined--all girls have long hair and like pink. Thats pretty much how Toys R Us looks like.

Im happy I can make time to go to the gym which is not very expressive. On Wednesday night I went to my Latin dance class, having looked forward to it all week. The teacher is an aborignal, and  a real dancer, not like these aerobics instructors. She throws alot of choreography at us and its good brain work as much as a sweaty and sexy workout. Im dripping in her class.She is very sultry, comfortable in her body and its  a joy to play to music that way, sometimes she ends the second half of the class in a sexy strip tease class which is awsome. She makes fun of us the whole time and Im laughing in her mimicing us. For the most part the Taiwanese women are pretty tight in their hips, no real grinding, but they are graceful. Jenny our instrucor gets down and dirty and I love it. Its the most action I get all week.

Anyway, last Wed night we had a sub and she was one of  these jazzersize instructors, and I knew I would get no real workout and just get frustrated at her boringness so I left after 5 minutes to the spin class. The spin class had me dripping sweat in no time, but it was so soulless, non expressive, the instuctor  was shouting at us and the seat was killing me. I think a workout should be personal, expressive, creative, mental (as in using my brain, and well maybe  a little crazy too.)

Today I went to the Dr for a sore throat cough, plus electroshock therapy on my shoulders. Seeing the Dr,plus meds, plus heating pad on my shoulder followed by electroshocking them for 20 minutes and massage cost me 150NT and the next time I go for my shoulders and neck will be 50NT. Z will start Karate on Thurs and I know where I will be, getting shocked. Im gonna ask them if they can place those circular pads on other places of my body (I have my reasons), just to see what happens.

When I wakeup, my shoulders and neck are so stiff. It has forced me to do yoga in the morning which is a good thing and of course I feel like a million bucks afterwards, but if I can save a little cash on trips to the masseuse by electro shocking my muscle memory back into place, I'll do it.

Z is in the garden with her Chinese grandpa and Id better go get her its getting dark.

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