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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Every Taiwanese male  (if they aren't already tuned into the NBA) are now fully on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon. You have to be living under a rock on both sides of the Pacific if you haven't heard his name or become a fan. He is an American born from Taiwanese parents, Harvard grad, down to earth and everyone's darling. He has been called the "Hero from Harvard," "Linderalla" and " The Yellow Mamba". I saw him called the "Yellow Mamba" here on Taiwanese TV and I was just a little uncomfortable, thinking to myself ," Can they say that?" sounds a little racist.

Lin is so different from his NBA star counterparts, his race, his academic background.  He has been sleeping on his brother's couch for goodness' sakes. He is is also open about his Christian faith which has brought obvious comparisons to Tebow.

Lin dunks it

Naturally his race has re-exposed that American racism (and reverse racism?) is alive and well.  Lin said, "It's a sport for white and black people," he told the San Francisco Chronicle in 2008. "You don't get respect for being an Asian-American basketball player in the U.S. ... I hear everything. 'Go back to China. Orchestra is on the other side of campus. Open up your eyes.'" (Read the article, Why Jeremy Lin's Race Matters). There was that hateful Twitter by a Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlick  just the other day (of course Fox sure can pick 'em).

Another backlash came from African American boxer Floyd Mayweather, who said, "Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he's Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don't get the same praise."  An excellent piece on Jeremy Lin, the backlash and race is from Peter S. Goodman. Please read it! Who know how many more athletes have been  rejected based on race?  Lin is my new hero, he followed his dream despite everyone constantly telling him he wouldnt make it just because he was anyone other than who he is.

Taiwan sports TV does not show Nuggets games anymore. Its all Knicks and maybe Lakers. In that case I will continue to cheer on whatever team is playing against the Lakers and to watch Lin and be a part of this Linsanity.

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