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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pili Puppets 霹靂

You can not flip through the channels here and not see Pili Puppets  on somewhere. From my first moments here, Z and I were pretty mesmerized (well at least for a few minutes). I appreciate how Taiwan has preserved Chinese cultural history. When Fujian immigrants came to Taiwan and intermarried with the indigenous, they brought their hand puppets and their old Taoist/Gong Fu legends and stories. Taiwan has taken this folk art to the next level, an international TV series and film (Legend of the Sacred Stone).

The Taoyuan airport has this incredible exhibition of the Pili Puppets of Taiwan. As I was checking in at Singapore Air, there on the  TV monitors were the Pili puppets explaining the airport's rules and regulations using their typical drama. I found it entertaining at 4 in the morning.

The  Roles/Characters:
The Sheng Role生 has the three variations: The Elegant scholar (wen sheng), the man with martial arts skills (wu sheng) and the older male (lao sheng).

The Dan character is the female role and has four variations: The young, unmarried, mischievous adventurer (xiao dan), the refined daughter from a wealthy family (zheng dan), the elderly woman (lao dan) and the comical female character (chou dan).

Su Huan Jeng素還真

Fei Yu Yuan J

The Mo roleis the elderly man character and has to variations, the man who speaks (bai kuo) and the ones who don’t speak (cun gong).

Hao KunL
The Jing character is the face painted role. A race painted red means he is loyal, if yellow, honest, black represents a violent temper and green signifies a villain.

Luo Huo

The Chou characteris the clown and usually has a white spot painted on the nose.  He/she is also called the ‘little white flower’ (xiao hua lian) and there are four types; the female comic relief (chou dan), the military chou, the literary chou, and the regular chou.

Qin Jia Xian

葉小釵Ye hairpin, xiao chai(scar) is the most tragic and popular character. His famous nickname is “crazy sword” or ” mad blade” he is a silent swordsman. His shoulder length white hair and the slash of a sword on his face make him more distinctive. His unbeatable fighting techniques make him the number one warrior.

Animation Collective developed Wulin Warriors for American television, created the show bible and episode scripts and 13 half-hour episodes, which premiered on Cartoon Network in February '06. Check out the opening theme song below:

Some of the characters from the series人名:

Su Huan-jen 素還真

Su Hsu-lu 素續緣

Feng Tsai-ling 風采鈴

Ye Hsiao-chai 葉小釵

Jian Jun 劍君

Luan Shi Kuang-dao 亂世狂刀

Ching Yang-zi 青陽子

Mou Kuei 魔魁

Hua Jue Bai-lian 花爵百鍊生

The Mysterious Swordsman 神秘劍客

Mysterious Maiden 神秘女郎 (不可思議的少女 ^_^)

Thousand Mountain ancient woodsman 千山樵老 (一千個山頭的老樵夫 ^_^)

Heaven Lifter 擎天子 (上帝舉起者???,這個譯法有點敏感,會不會


Little Metal 小金剛 (小金屬 ^_^)

Hai Hsi-jun 海殤君

Wu Wang Tian-zi 無忌天子

Han Tan Leng Yue Du Chue Ying 寒潭冷月渡鶴影 (好長的名字呀~~~)

Mr. Boneskin (Lord Jian) 骨皮先生 (劍上卿)

Jian Ru-bing 劍如冰

Seven Creation Knights 造世七俠

Eight Sky Tiger Generals 天虎八將

The settings地名:

Porcelain Celestial Land 琉璃仙境 (陶瓷天地? How about Lazurite Fairyland?)

Mouth of the Dragon Saint 聖龍口 (龍之聖徒口)

Ancient Labyrinth 耆老迷 (老人迷宮 ^_^)

Gao Lin Residence 篙棘居

Circle of Justice 天外方界 (正義界???)

Wujian village 鳴劍山莊


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