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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Seafood Satisfaction

Before I  left on holiday my friend Vicky (and Saturday language exchange buddy) invited me to a seafood restaurant in Tainan County. It was a 30 minute drive NE of Tainan on some saltwater fish farms literally on the coast. You wouldn't think twice from the front of this building except for the cars. Walking inside there were no people. We walked through the kitchen to the back where the large patio like restaurant was full of diners.

The owner was very outgoing and spoke Taiwanese so I couldn't understand most anything he said. But he was kind enough to indulge Z and Jeremy's (Vicky's son) curiosity with his gigantic crabs and fish.

We got to pick and choose some of what we ate. Then according to the weight, the bill was calculated.

In pure Taiwanese fashion, the table was round and never empty, plate after plate was dropped on the table, as we tried to make room for another dish. Used to this, I tried to pace myself. The afternoon was hot, there was cold Taiwanese beer to wash it all down.

Z was into the cuttlefish balls and prawns. I love prawns but they are so messy! Feeling brave I had some snails, which looked nasty, but tasted pretty good, they were seasoned with black pepper and had a nice bite to it.  I couldn't get enough mussels and scallops. Eventually I did.

At the end of this enormous lunch I was stuffed. I couldn't even finish my beer. It reminded me of lunches in Spain (the main meal) when afterwards everyone (including the women) would unbuckle their belts before an espresso and/or descanso. 


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