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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Easy Riders

The gorgeous, empty and accessible bike path along Yilan's coast

I was sort of lamenting my kid's lack of biking skills, which is my fault, I mean practice makes perfect. She doesn't have my childhood of free summers cruising on our  bikes, making jumps, going to the library alone, unattended. So it is no surprise she isn't as adequate a biker, with zero street skills, its a completely different life for her.

Our morning commute to school is ideal for a refreshing morning bike ride, and getting some exercise on a non rainy day. I envy all the walkers on the numerous path while I drive to work, as I constantly admire the view of the mountain range which looks different everyday from my car. I want to be out in this notoriously clean Yilan air.

With her insane amount of homework and her massive carry on, luggage like school backpack, I don't know how she could pull it off on a bike.

Still, its a kind of goal, dream of mine that we can bike to school in Zhuanwei from our house in Yilan, when Spring 2015. (Its a ten minute drive, so a 30 min bike ride).

Turtle Island in the distance
 Until then we are biking 5-8 km leisurely along the Yilan coast just for pleasure on the weekend, getting her more comfortable with longer distances. I want to be able to cruise to work without worrying about being late.

 Our go to path is 5 minutes from our school, the Yongzhen Bicycle Path (永鎮海濱遊憩區) apart of the Zhuanwei Coastal Park ( 壯圍海濱公園). From Highway 2 there is a sign next to a massive Taoist temple. (Directions are here at the Yilan Guru).

My friend AJ with my daughter
You can rent bikes cheap, 100NT for 2 hours from a super nice couple who proudly display their daughter's impressive art work.  After a ride we treat ourselves to a Taiwanese ice cream, with shaved peanuts and fresh coriander rolled up in a rice tortilla (Peanut Roll ups 花生 ).

Going north, the path is short, you have to get on the 2 and find the bike path again. There are several covered picnic areas should the weather change or if you need a rest.

The best thing about this path besides the roar of rolling waves crashing on the empty beach, during your entire ride, is having the path all to yourself.

One Tuesdays my Yogini coworker and I head here for some much needed vinyasa. We ditch school to come here on our lunch break. On warmer days we have brought our daughters here during the school week for a post lunch swim which is like taking a holiday in the middle of the day.

Me in Prasarita Padottanasana
It's unbelievable that no one uses this beach other than the lone fisherman and the stray beach dogs, and of course us.

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