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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hot and Au Naturel

Walking to Fanfan to cross the river

Here is a brief summary of more hot springs in the Yilan area. I already have mentioned hot springs in Jiaoxi, these outdoor Japanese pools (see My Family's First Visit and scroll down). My favorite hot springs are right in the river.

These are known as  梵梵溫泉 (Fàn Fàn Wēnquán) Fan Fan Hot Springs and are beside the small aboriginal mountain town off Highway 7 in Datong Township on the way to Taipingshan. Its about a 40 minute drive from Yilan up a winding mountain road. You can either park your car in the village and walk 10 minutes along the river, cross the river (shin deep) or continue your drive past the bridge and turn left under Highway 7 and park. You will see other cars.

There are always people here on the weekend, but the river is gracious, you can walk along the river and there will be pockets of boiling water, enough for everyone.

The sound of the rushing river drowns out any loud, obnoxiousness, its very tranquil like that. I arranged the rocks the way I liked it, and when we got to hot, went into the freezing mountain water. I really want to camp here though.

The second springs is further down the 7 inside of Taipingshan National Park 太平山森林遊樂區, called by either Jioujhihze or Renze Hotsprings. You will have to pay a not very cheap entrance fee for the car, per person, dogs are not allowed.


 My friend brought his dog, so my kid had to beg and plead for us to keep her in the car just long enough for hot springs. The hotsprings itself is a typical entrance for a nice public pool. They have private rooms with giant tubs as well. The water was very slippery with all the silicon, great for soft skin. A 2 minute walk from the car park, there is a touristy geyser people boil eggs and corn. I really want to return to the park sometime this winter and see, hopefully snow. Being in the hot  springs in snow, is not to be missed.

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