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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Better to be one small candle: New Job!

Well better find Z an anchingban because I accepted the job offer from  Huey Deng High-school! 

Ms. Chang said I was their # 1 candidate (always nice to hear), but for the full time position I would have to teach, Peace and Social justice classes to 3 diff grades (7,8,9) and have to design 3 different curricula. It was just too much prep work, I turned that down.

 So she was willing for me to go part time and teach just higher level 9th graders and give the other classes to candidate #2 (an American from NY), which was ok, I could still teach my kindy in the mornings. Then I thought that getting off at 12 and rushing to my next class at 1:15 in Yuanshan too stressful, less prep time if I was p/t. So she was flexible enough to come up with a different full time position. I still teach 12 9th grade peace and justice classes, plus 12 7th grade Reading classes. I told her reading classes to lower level 7th graders, been there done that, but the cool thing about this reading program is, its for parents who want their kids out of a traditional classroom, yoga, gardening, etc, up to me, the limit is my imagination.

 Did I mention, all classes have a Taiwanese co-teacher present, the salary is better than I thought, and she would give me 1500USD up front reimbursement for my trip home this August! I wasn't planning on giving her an answer today, but I did! 

So now I get to design a course based on themes like Poverty, Racism, Gender Discrimination, Environmental Injustice....I am so psyched to start finding materials and books!!!

 Its as if this job was created for me!

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