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Monday, June 29, 2015

Embrace the Sun: First Dragon Boat Fest in Yilan

Dragon Boat Festival to me is synonymous with celebrating the power of the sun. The locals have their sun related traditions. The solstice was the 22nd, and the first International Yoga Day was the 21st. In superficial solidarity I attempted the 108 sun salutations to test my endurance and will (in my case lack of will), I only made it to 50. I had places to be and my wrists were getting sore. I am sure I would of injured my wrists doing 108, and although my ego would be proud,  my body would rather I listened. Next year I think it would be possible to complete 108 sun salutations if I was flowing with a group and raising money for a charity.

We live for three day weekends. Unfortunately I was and am still flat broke (read previous posts on car and driving trouble) so lack of funds made staying home bound the only choice. That's ok we watched boat races on the Dongshan river park (冬山河親水公園) under the shade of some trees. It was a completely different experience than Tainan. We lived about a minute drive away from the boat races in Anping which were held at night and were extremely crowded, night market like affairs.

 In Dongshan, the boat races were held in the morning and the park itself was spacious. hardly any crowd at all, we watched a few races under the shade of a tree. One thing both cities' boat races have in common, watching them once is enough. My daughter older so maybe next year we can actually be in the boat.

On Saturday Z still had her violin class, I still had my Muay Thai Kickboxing on Friday and I still had to tutor (they all canceled last minute anyway), so we couldn't really go up to the mountains and pitch a tent anywhere. It was boring but relaxing. I hope I will be in a better place financially to go somewhere for next Dragon Boat weekend, but we had no complaints. In the past we have gone to Green Island, Orchid Island, or Nantou. Z just played outside with her neighbor friends and I listened to music in my hammock.

Best seats on the river watching Dragon Boat racing with my daughter, eating passion fruit slushies- priceless!

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Sun Dry said...

Our event could not have gone more smoothly. Huge thanks to the amazing managers at halls in Los Angeles for their consummate professionalism and outstanding hospitality. We look forward to many more years at this lovely place.