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Monday, December 7, 2015

台灣設計展 Taiwan Design Expo: Booming in Yilan

The theme for this years annual Taiwan Expo was "Makers Boom" and was held across from the DMV at the Chung Hsing Cultural and Creative Park  (中興文化創意園區)in Wujie. The space is a decrepit factory, the former Chung Hsing Paper Corporation with a large 800 ping space. The warehouses held the various exhibits.

The tie-dye hall was my personal favorite, especially the indigo pieces. They used all natural plants based dyes.


Guided tours were provided.

Taiwan's Design Expo sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs,  and began in 2003. This is the 2nd time in 11 years Yilan has hosted it. There were regular tea ceremonies (Chinese and Japanese), which I unfortunately missed as well as live music.

If you missed this year's Design Expo, don't fret. Taiwan is constructing itself to be a major destination in the world of design. Next year 2016, Taipei will be designated The World Design Capital. There is sure to be lots of upcoming events in the next few months, especially in Taipei. The government in the capital city is engaging urban planners in 16 projects to transform the living landscape into a more sustainable and creative space. Urban planners and designers in Taiwan are currently in demand, an auspicious niche.


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