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Friday, May 19, 2017

Recovering from Getting Burned

Mid March we were volunteering at our neighborhood church's English activity for the young people. Several of my students from work were there. Its like pulling teeth to get my kid to go to church, but for this function she was having a blast with the role playing and micromanaging. That was until a traumatic accident happened.

A boy just a few years older than her threw piping hot water on her chest. Her skin began unfurling, peeling off. Fast thinking women had whisked her off into the showers, while I unsuccessfully searched for ice (there was none.)

So I drove her to the ER (270 NT each visit, x2). She was crying behind me on the scooter mostly from gratitude (and shock). She said she literally felt an invisible force shield her face (her cousin?). The boy who is taller than her, had his bowl of just filled boiling water (for his instant noodles) right at her face level.The odd thing is they didn't even bump into one other, maybe he was startled or something but he turned around looked at her and threw his bowl at her. By all accounts he's already labeled as "disturbed" having had a childhood of parental neglect and physical abuse from his teachers (his aunt brings him to church). That's why I am hoping it was an accident but also doubtful, he didn't even apologize after it happened, which aggravated my kid. We had to wait several weeks for an adult to pry away his smartphone from his hands for a bowing apology.

2nd degree burns 
The kids group made her a lovely card and gifts, but my daughter was really resentful and bitter for her pain and slow recovery (she still has a scar and we are not sure if she will always have one). Her bandages had to be removed and cleaned daily, until new skin grew. Fortunately between her school nurse and the nurse at my work, this was done without me having to do it. (She's a much better patient with strangers).

Ultimately, my kid asked for monetary compensation to at least have him reimburse for the doctor visits. His aunt gave her 3000NT which was more than we expected and it did make her feel like justice was done, so I suppose we can move on now. She used 600 of it to treat me for Mother's Day, so win-wins all around. Until then we rub PawPaw Balm on it and hope the scar will go away someday.

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