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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yilan County Weekend Warriors

Yilan's weather gets a bad rap. Most times the sky is overcast grey and thus its perfect for a bike ride or hike. When its blazing sun of course cold springs or beach are the best choice. However, the weather is a bit of a gamble. Rule of thumb is, if its raining in the morning, it will clear in the afternoon and vice versa, but then we get these rains that can stay for a few days (or weeks) in which case check out my Rainy Day Suggestions.

Travel Suggestions

This is my list of spots near us, and we have been to most of them (some more than once). Still, there are a few I hope to cross off this summer.

Local Microbrewery in Yuanshan

2.    Long Men Bikeway

Yuemeikeng waterfall.

Assuming you already checked out some of the hotsprings, Wufangchi Waterfalls and, Linmei Shihpan Trail, then check out:

5.    Eagle Rock Tip
6.    Lanyang Museum
7. Yuemeikeng waterfall.

Yongzhen Beach Park 永鎮海濱公園.

9.    Wang Long Bi There are several trails to appreciate the lake from above, as well as walking through beetlenut hills. The lake itself has a few shops that sell snacks, a cafe and a pizza place. Local farmers sell their fruits from their orchards.
13.  Bee Museum, The Honey House right next to the Jim and Dad's brewery
14.Jim and Dad's Brewery

Plum Blossom Lake

18. Jiuzize Hot Spring
19. Jiouliao Waterfall- turn off right beside the gas station.  Trail takes about 40 minutes, to falls with a small rope bridge. There's some simple places to buy dumplings and drink homegrown oolong tea, right across from parking lot. Becoming more popular with tourists buses on their way to Taipingshan.
20. Syano Campgrounds- Opened June  2016 
21. River Creek Sihumut Campground 溪河木露營區- Opening now
22. Mu Ye Camping in Mingchi National Forest Rec Area
23. Taipingshan
24. Fanfan Hotsprings

32. Shyang Yeu organic Farm (picking tea leaves)+
33. Dongfong Farm (camping)
34.Happiness 20 Farm (not many animals, pizza DIY)
35. Dajin Organic Farm
Aohua, Nanao

Nan'ao/ Su'ao/Nanfangao
    36. Aohua Waterfall
    37. Su'au Cold Springs
    38. Nanfang'ao Harbor
    39. Neipi Beach/Yilan Lover's Bay

    Zhuangwei (also spelled Jhuangwe, right east of Yilan City)
    41. Yongzhen Beach Park Coastal Bike Trail 

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