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Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Jesus dream and Beatific Health

The other night I had another Jesus dream. Its not like I have them all the times, this was my 2nd, the 1st one I had maybe 4 years ago when I was still in CO and is seared in my memory. Unlike the first Jesus dream which was ethereal this one was very sensual. I was at a gathering of people, like in a grove of trees and someone came running, "Jesus is here! Jesus is here!" I dropped what I was doing and sprinted to him nearly running smack into him and stood before him. He was taller than I expected, my head went to his chest and I had to look up. His face wasn't very memorable I didn't notice the details except he was smiling and he didn't say anything. His body said everything. "Can I hug you?" I asked and we embraced tightly. I could of hugged him for forever but there were other people waiting.

His hair was reddish brown, w/beautiful auburn highlights, I was surprised how red it was in the light. His hair was thick and lustrous and although I always imagined his hair wavy, it was very straight and slicked back to his shoulders. His face was beardless, clean shaven and younger than mine, flawless, wrinkle less. He was the epitome of health. His skin was radiant, very brown, not from the sun, but naturally tawny and gleaming. He was wearing a white robe (of course right?), but his arms were exposed and I could sense that his form was fit.

This dream was such a gift. He wanted me to see him as a  man, a man with cosmic vigor. I've been believing in supernatural health and even when I came down with Bronchitis I was still believing in it. Ok so I haven't got it all figured out, and thats ok, faith is working itself out. Even now I have my health "issues" but faith is believing in the unseen first before the manifestation. I believe for divine healing and I am willing to believe in divine health of never getting sick again. The natural tendency was self condemnation, "I should of..got more sleep, or ate more fruit" you fill in the blank. My natural tendency when I get sick is to look at myself, scrutinize how I mishandled stress, I how didn't perform. If I believe in supernatural health, then I have to be less self conscious and more Christ conscious. Its not what I know or what I do or didn't do, or about my knowledge in medicinal herbs or yoga poses (which do find fascinating), but supernatural health is a gift I chose to receive.

By supernatural health, I'm talking about a state of health not subject to diet, atmospheric forces, the arrangement of my furniture, if I live in a congested city or anything. Of course I'm mindful of what I eat, of exercise, but not in a regimented way. I go to the gym because I enjoy using my body and having a good sweat, not because I want to fit into skinny jeans (which I prob never will.) As a Christian, my body is a temple (1 Cor. 6:19), God dwells within me, my body is not my god.

St. Paul called himself the Hebrew of Hebrews, an expert in Jewish law he hunted down Jewish converts, tried and executed them before he himself had a supernatural encounter with Christ. I call myself the health nuts of health nuts. I grew up under the bondage of living Kosher and naturally became a vegetarian at age 14 for the next 17 years and very naturally embraced a gluten free diet. My Mom was an extreme health nut who never bought white bread or anything processed when I was kid, all fertilized free range eggs, raw milk and cheese; my Dad used to wake us up before my Mom and let us eat junky Rice Crispies. I know about eating according to my blood type (A positive which is basically Mediterranean, fish, old grains, gluten free ones.) I worked in health food stores, my friends did, most of my friends are vegetarians if not massage therapists and yoga teachers and did all this knowledge or 17 years of abstaining from meat make me any healthier? Not at all, it made me a food snob who looked down on other people. It certainly did not make me kinder or more evolved.

This dream was a gift so Jesus could show me what Divine health looks like and that it comes through Him (Rom. 8:11). He conquered death, sickness, premature aging. While he was alive he healed everyone (Psa. 103:3) who sought healing and in his presence dead people came back to life, no one ever died in his presence. As a Christian I believe as He is so am I in heavenly places. (Eph. 2:6). Above all else he desires that I prosper and be in health (3 John 1:2). God doesn't allow people to get sick to test them anymore than I would allow a poisonous snake to bite my daughter to teach her a lesson. That doesn't mean I will stop wearing my helmet when I drive my scooter or eat whatever I want when I want. (All things are permissible, but not all things are helpful -1 Cor. 6:12). It does mean I am becoming more sensitive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. For example, lately He has told me to do yoga in the morning while listening to Grace teachings and I literally feel my body renewed along with my mind (Psa. 103:5). The only thing he would have me do, the one thing I suppose is to guard my own heart from worry (Phil. 4:6-7), to maintain my peace (John 14:27), to rest in Him, and even then he is helping me, He is my Peace (Eph 2: 14, 17), and my health and my everything.

I am not surprised that today happens to be Pentecost.

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