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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Of appetites and a great (normal) day

It was a great food kinda day (well after I left work). For breakfast I took last night’s Tzatziki (homemade yogurt of course) and put in the blender and drank it like a Lhassi. After school, Z and I were feeling peckish so snacked on Norwegian smoked salmon on 7 grain French toasted bread, and I washed it down with a small glass of chilled white Spanish, organic wine. I had to go grocery shopping and when we came home saw a bundle of food, a full on dinner that my soul sister single mom left by my door. Yah tomorrow is covered! Had I known dinner would be delivered I would not have left, but then I would not have bought steaks.

Dinner was simple. I grilled steak, corn and had some of yesterday’s potato salad (mayo w/ an olive oil base, not soybean), with a glass of Spanish red. Z gave me the comment I didn’t know I coveted, “Your dinner is better than any Travel Channel show” and she said I was better than the “Take Home Chef” which obviously I’m not. I just think she appreciated something that wasn’t Italian, quinoa, fish or Indian. She is a such a cool kid and likes to watch cooking shows with me, she likes Jamie Oliver! For desert she had some green tea/red bean ice-cream and I had some papaya from my friend’s tree right across my street. Fresh, first fruit papaya from the little tree I watched grow up and weather typhoons.

I just so appreciate when everything comes together (dinner or the house being clean) w/o my trying. When things get done somehow, effortlessly, with no sacrifice (which I mean time away from being fully present w/ Z), I owe it all again to Grace. We had a nice dinner, nice conversation we enjoyed each other’s company.

Today, I bought my first dragon fruit (red) of the year so looking forward to that tomorrow for breakfast. One of the advantages of living in Taiwan is the access to year round exotic fruits, which deserves its own chapter (along with ice-cream and ways to beat the heat).

I must applaud myself (because no one else will) for consistently buying myself flowers, wine and chocolate (because no one else will). I couldn’t abide in a space long w/o fresh flowers and old books and Taiwan is so blessed with cheap flowers, decent affordable wines and chocolates and I have no trouble finding books at the used book store. I have more than enough and now to get my fill of zzzzzzzzzz’s.

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