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Friday, April 3, 2015

Going Green: Yilan Green Expo

Ilan Green Expo 2015

The past 15 years the Yilan County Government (my neighbor) has annually held this now famous Green Expo to expose residents to environmental education, sustainable development via local culture. The kindergarten I work for took a morning field trip there yesterday, which I was grateful for the free opportunity (tickets are 300NT). My daughter's class will go within the next 2 weeks, so I hope they learn something.

To me its just another avenue to give local vendors and farmers a platform to sell their products. I happily bought organic heirloom carrots, hand made non-toxic mosquito repellent gel and portable hand soap. There were goat milk products from local farms, mushrooms, stuff you might find at the local farmer's market. Nothing earth shattering, like plain Stevia, almond butter, or corn tortillas (I think I may be homesick).

There are some interesting themed zones with kid friendly activities. My class enjoyed the whale skeleton area with stamping and rubbings of whales that frequent the waters of Taiwan. They also have a petting zoo at the top of the hill.

 My coworkers told me the grounds of the Wulaokeng park are a good place to come explore and pitch  a tent in the highlands, obviously not during the crowds of the expo or a holiday weekend like this one. I'm always up for hitting new trails, so I hope to return. The expo ends in May, so maybe I will come back in 2 months, see how much has changed, how the flowers grew in and hopefully crowds dissipated.



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