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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Seemingly Prosaic

Easter lunch at Balagov's

My personal temperament wont allow me to pass up a 4 day weekend without some kind of adventure. But considering my finances post birthday weekend in Borneo and then Chiang Mai for Chinese New Year and then not working for all of February, only to go part time in March. I could hardly afford going anywhere for Easter/Tomb Festival weekend.

It was heart wrenching getting updates from Tiger Air on last minute deals. In the past for Tomb Festival we have gone to the Pengu Archipelago, had a BBQ with friends, and or had gone to Taipei. Other 4 day weekends we had gone to Japan, Green Island (twice), Matsu Island, Guanshan and Kenting, just to name a few.

Not to feel sorry for myself, we made the best of it. The weather in Yilan for our 4 day weekend was perfect. The rains returned on Tuesday which I guess was tolerable. My daughter played with her friends in our apartment complex all weekend, I hardly saw her. She certainly preferred their company to mine, until it was bedtime and then snuggle bug didnt want me to leave. I went across the street alone, everyday to my favorite park in all Taiwan to do a quick workout or yoga. It was as close to a retreat as I got.

Easter services in Luodong with Jocelyn
 We went to church on Easter and had Easter lunch at Balagov's. We shared a plate of baked potato, salad and non -Taiwanese sausages which was topped with smuggled Ukrainian horseradish that's now flourishing in the mountains of Yilan, mixed with beets, which was to die for.

Easter lunch

My 4 day weekend basically consisted of me  teaching a few private ESL lessons and packing away the bulk of my heaviest winter bedding and clothes, washing and ironing summer clothes, while catching up on TV shows like Broad City and Indian Summers. We made kiwi cupcakes, chocolate banana cupcakes and macaroons. Hardly the adventure I might of had, but I doubt if I am missing out anything.

Z with one of my students
 I worked on my list of places to go and see in Yilan county, especially during my kid's half days. I definitely was not going to venture out on a holiday weekend in Yilan, it would be a zoo as all of Taipei likes to come here for the fresh air. Between house cleaning and reading in my hammock (my second favorite place in all of Taiwan), life was blissfully mundane. I certainly wasn't complaining.

Yoga at my favorite park, Yilan County Government Buildings

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