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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Holy Surprise! Jah is Good Everyday

Looks like I'm going to Taitung on Wednesday. A three hour train ride there and four ride back. Harsh but necessary.Z will probably tag along. Why the midweek, last minute trip?

This afternoon, I just got a surprise, out of the blue phone call and I was in happy tears, jumping around my living room!! Someone I met 2 years ago in Taitung, remembered me, saw my blog and called me. We were going for the same job at Stanley Yen (嚴長壽) 's Junyi Bilingual school, (he got the job- ). Now they want me. (Read, Tantalizing Taitung)

 The elementary school is totally Waldorf now, the  Middle School is halfway there. The salary is same as the one I had here at the bilingual school in Yilan,which is significantly better than my part time situation at the moment.  Z's tuition for the semester would be what I was paying Chung Dau every month (wonderful!).

Thankfully I hadn't booked flights back home for our August trip yet, that sort of is all up in the air. There is no way we are NOT going home, but when we do will be a factor. I am not even thinking about the stress of moving again. The move to Yilan from Tainan was boatloads harder than I expected, but we have seriously less stuff now, so for someone reason I am not concerned about another move, perhaps because its "meant to be."

I'm rushing ahead. There is still the whole process to go through again, a demo and interview that needs to be successfully completed. But I am as ever hopeful. 

Why the massive elation? 

1.) Its in Taitung, need I say more?

2.) Stanley Yen (嚴長壽) is THE mover and shaker in Taiwanese education reform. To be under his visionary leadership for my own personal values, would be like a firecracker under my wings igniting the flame of purpose. Imagine being that passionate about a job again. Its only in the void of terrible to mediocre to better than average leadership that you recognize a trail blazer, visionary when you meet him face to face.

3.) Z could go to a Waldorf school 

4.) Z could go to a Waldorf school with Aboriginal students 

I must confess that the one time Z saw me cry and in public was on the train leaving Hualien to Taipei when I found out I didn't get that job 2 years ago. I was just so pining for it. She remembers it to this day. I suppose being a single mom I have "be strong" and all that, breaking down for a good cry only occasionally, when she is asleep. She is absolutely fascinated by wanting to see me cry, she often mentions wanting to capture it on video recording which is extreme. I guess I saw my parents cry a

lot because my brother was often in the hospital, in ICU. I'm not trying to be unreal, inauthentic, I'm not the crying type to begin with. But on that train out of Hualien, when I found out they gave the job to the guy who already lives in Taitung -who happens to be getting me this job now- I let the tears roll down my face in front of everyone. As the cycle of tears keeps turning, today those tears were happy. I was moved this guy remembered me from 2 years ago and would seek me out, compliment my blogs, recognize that I share the same values, want me on his team, on Stanley Yen's team no less. 

Who doesn't love lightening bolt news out of the blue? But I do especially. Le't hope for more tears of joy.

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