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I'm a Social Studies teacher and single mom from Colorado and have lived here for 9 years. Taiwan is an excellent base for us explore Asia, while living in relative (gun free) safety, while benefiting from a cheap and efficient national health care system. The people are amazing too. I have friendships that are 14 years old and I'm always making new ones.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Giant Woman's "Boulder" Bike For Sale

 I thought I should sell my bike. It just takes space in my apartment.

 The sad reality is I hardly have or had time to ride the wonderful trails that weave in and around Anping. I had my moments, but Z is getting too big to sit in the back and she really needs to gain her street biking confidence. Also, I could use the cash. January is my big Sumatra trip, and Feb is always a hard month (lower pay from previous 2 weeks off+ taxes back up to 20% again).

If I do hit the trails its on my rollerblades (she has a pair too.) So if you know anyone who wants a high quality woman's mt bike, all terrain fat wheels (great for Anping's rough roads), give me a holler. It would make a fab Christmas present.

The Giant price tag was 10,000NT, my friend came along and they gave me a slight discount. I would sell for 8000NT as its like new, original tires and includes kid seat and lock.

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