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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Northern Sumatra Itinerary

10,000 IDR = 33.3 TWD

50,000 IDR = 166.6 TWD

70,000 IDR = 233. TWD

Fri Jan 13th : Medan VOA is $US25 p/person, departure tax of Rp 150,000 each in local currency

Blue Angel Guesthouse Pondok Wisata Angel, Jl S.M.Raja No 70, Medan North Sumatra

Indonesia Ph: (061) 732 0702 Fax: (061) 732 6050

Gumagaba Youth Hostel, Jln. S.Raja Simpang Amplas 21. Medan, Go to Bus Terminal Amplas, Medan and walk back toward the street junction. Look for no.21. It is a four story building. Contact: mgint0@uky.edu, +62 (0)8139-6115221

Saturday January 14th am: Bukit Lawang Checking out the orang-utan centre at Bukit Lawang ; it’s better than Clint Eastwood’s Any Which Way But Loose if you want encounters of the ape kind Bukit Lawang to Medan by bus - 3 -3.5 hrs. (20,000 RP p/person)

Sunday January 15th+ Monday Jan 16th : 2 nights ? Tangkahan You can also get to Tangkahan from Bukit Lawang either on the back of a motorbike, a very bumpy 3 hour trip or hire a 4WD to take you. Prices for a 4WD can be up to Rp 600,000-1,000,000 (3,300 NT/US$83) for a one way trip.

Tangkahan is located west of Medan and you can reach it by public bus (5 hours). Spend your day with the elephants, or trek the forests to explore other flora and fauna such as otters and leopards. When you are done, you can choose to return to you bungalow for a meal or choose to be one with nature itself by taking a refreshing shower under the waterfall or soak yourself in the hot spring inside a cave by the river.

Mega Inn, 8 rooms w. bath: Rp. 75-100.000. Discounts for longer stays. Ph: 081 370 211 009, 081 370 454 572. megadepari@yahoo.com www.experiencesumatra.com

Bamboo River, 6 rooms w. bath, Rp. 100.000. Ph. through CTO office: 081 361 423 245.

Jungle Lodge, 9 rooms w private bath: Rp. 85-200.000, Ph: 0813 7633 4787, ssitepu@aol.com www.junglelodge.net

No Name Accommodation, next to CTO office. 2 rooms: Rp. 70-85.000. No restaurant. Ph through CTO: 081 361 423 245

1 hour trek 160,000Rp per person, 2 hour trek 300,000Rp per person, 3 hour trek 420,000Rp (1,400NT) per person. Treks are twice a day (morning / afternoon), however; the elephants are unavailable for treks on Tuesday and Thursday

[From Medan there are only 2 buses a day leaving from Pinang Baris Bus Terminal, leaving at 10am and 1pm and taking around 4.5 - 5 hours (longer if raining). The cost is 15,000Rp (50NT) per person.]

Buses leaveTangkahan at 7.30am and 2.30pm to go back to Medan. [buses to Prapat from Tangkahan w/o backtracking to Medan ? buses to Berastagi w/o backtracking to Medan]

Tuesday January 17th - Wednesday the 18th : BERASTAGI

Berastagi (2/12 hours from Medan 8,000 RP)

Gunung Sinabung to the west and the smoking Gunung Sibayak to the north. These volcanoes are a day hike apiece, making them two of Sumatra’s most accessible volcanoes. Sneaking a peek inside the gaseous volcano craters that ring the hill town of Berastagi.

Wisma sibayak 30,000 RP a night

Losemen sibayak Guesthouse 35,000 a night

Take local bus to Semanget Gurung (2000RP), at the base of volcano, 2 hr hike to the top, hot springs, waterfall.

Thursday January the 19th– Friday January 20th LAKE TOBA

f/ Berastagi catch opelet to Kabanajahe (20 minutes 25000RP), then bus to Pematang Siantar (3 hrs, 12,000RP), then bus to Parapat (1.5 hrs, 10,000RP) [total 5 hrs, 24,000 RP each].

Parapat to Danau Toba (Tuk Tuk):

Horas Chill Out Café+ Homestay

Bagus Bay+ restaurant

[Bus to Medan to Prapat. You can get a bus to Medan - try to see if they can drop you off in the city and not take you all the way out to Pinang Baris the big bus terminal. Buses for Prapat leave from the Amplas bus terminal but if you ask at the accomodation place Blue Angel they should be able to tell you about tourist buses that head down to Prapat Lake Toba from Medan.]

Saturday January 21st Medan to Banda Aceh> Pulau Weh>Iboih

Return from Parapat to Medan

Catch flight to Banda Ache, make ferry to Pulau Weh

Exploring underwater peaks and valleys at the dive sites around Pulau Weh, a tropical island that hasn’t sold out

From Banda Aceh to Pulau Weh (updated Oct 2011)

From the airport of Banda Aceh, it's about a half hour drive to Ulee Lheu, close to the center of Banda Aceh, from where the ferries to Balohan (Pulau Weh's ferry harbour) are leaving.


daily "Pulo Rondo" ETD: 09:30 ETA: 10:30

Saturday to Thursday "Express Bahari" ETD: 16:00 ETA: 17:00

Friday "Express Bahari" ETD: 16:30 ETA: 17:30

Slow ferry ticket from Banda to Sabang is about Rp 17.000 and Sabang to Banda is Rp 18.000.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ETD: 14:00 ETA: 15:50

Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday

( 2 x a day) ETD: 11:00 & 16:00 ETA: 12:50 & 17:50


daily "Express Bahari" ETD: 08:00 ETA: 9:00

daily "Pulo Rondo" ETD: 16:00 ETA: 17:00


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday ETD: 08:00 ETA: 9:50

Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday

( 2 x a day) ETD: 08:00 & 13:30 ETA: 9:50 & 15:20

When you arrive in Balohan, the harbour on Pulau Weh, there are many cars and minibusses waiting for passengers. With each ferry arrival a specific minibus (and/or taxi) is appointed to go to the Gapang & Iboih beaches. For taxis count on a minimum of Rp 150.000-200.000 or if shared with others 50.000 per person for a Kijang car to take you directly to LumbaLumba on Gapang Beach. In a minibus it's also Rp 50.000 per person, with negotiation sometimes Rp 40.000 per person. It is still another 35 minutes drive over (newly repaved) scenic roads around bays and over steep hills with prime forest and many monkeys.

New are the 2 becaks (motorbike taxi's) which can take you to Gapang Beach.

PULAU WEH > IBOIH (Teupin Layeu)

1. Yulia's Bungalow & Restaurant

Ph: +6285270706003, +6285260850400. 14 bungalows. With outside bathroom: Rp. 50-60.000. With fan, bathroom: Rp. 175-200.000. Depending on length of stay. No advance booking. Nice layout.

2. Iboih Inn & Restaurant

Ph: +62811841570, +628126991659 (Ms. Saliza). Fb: iboih.inn@gmail.com 16 bungalows. Budget room, fan: Rp. 100.000. With fan, bathroom: Rp. 250.000. With aircon, bathroom: Rp. 350.000, All rooms except budget: incl. breakfast. Pick up at Iboih pier if booked in advance. Visa and MasterCard accepted. Free Wi-Fi. Boat transportation and trips etc.

3. O'Ong Restaurant & Bungalows

Ph: +6281360700150. 10 rooms. No Private bathroom: Rp. 40-50.000. With bathroom: Rp. 130.000-150.000, depending on length of stay.

4. Olala Restaurant & Bungalow (Moved further in to new buildings)

Ph: +6285260607311. eka_olala@hotmail.co.uk 6 bungalows. With fan, outside bathroom: Rp. 80-90.000. Big discounts for long stay. Wi-Fi.

5. Mama Mia Restaurant & Bungalows

1 bungalow. Rp. 50.000 depending on length of stay.

6. Fatimah Bungalows. A couple of new bungalows available.

7. Iboih Hill Bungalow

Ph: +6285260904101. 6 bungalows. With fan and outside bathroom: Rp. 70.000. Ask in the "Rentals and Info" shop.

8. The seven bungalows: after the diving school are all individually owned by locals. Very basic and no private bathroom. If nobody approaches you, ask for Mr. Nasir.

9. Rubiah Tirta Divers: 1 bungalow with bathroom and spring bed. Rp. 100-150.000 depending on length of stay.

10. Home High (former Arina) Ph: 082160180620. Their 4 bungalows are falling apart. Only restaurant now.

11. Ayub's: 2 rooms and 1 bathroom in one bungalow. Rp. 150.000/room. Discounts for long stay. Ask for Mr. Ayub at the parking area or ask in Erick's next door.

12. Erick's Green House +++  Ph: +6282167899876. 5 rooms. Some with attached bathroom and all with kitchenette. Rp. 50-150.000. Discounts for long stay. Wi-Fi.

13. Fina Bungalow, Ph: +6285262111366. Just before the gate. 6 rooms. With fan, bathroom: Rp. 150 -200.000. Aircon, bathroom: Rp. 250-300.000. Price depending on season.

14. Cut Agam Guest House & Coffee Shop: First place when coming down to Iboih. Ph: +6281360811780. 4 rooms, fan, outside bathroom: Rp.150-200.000.

15. Pulau Rubiah, Ph: +6285260637810 (Pak Yahya). 5 rooms in 3 bungalows: Rp. 100.000 per room. 1 big 2-room bungalow with bathroom and kitchen: Rp. 250.000. Restaurant available. Can only be reached by boat. Ask at the parking lot. If Mr. Yahya picks up: Rp. 100.000 return fare.

16. Pele's Ujung Patek Bungalows: At the Petek point 500 meter south of Iboih, turn sharply to the right when in front of Cut Agam Guesthouse. Ph: +6285260958990 (Adun), +6285253702209 (Wani), doktorkalkyl@gmail.com 2 Bungalows. With fan and bathroom: Rp. 250.000. Remote and tranquil.

Wednesday January 25th fly back to Medan
Catch night flight to Singapore> Taipei

Bus to Banda Aceh A bus trip from Medan to Aceh takes around 11 hours. Most buses travel overnight and cost 150,000Rp (500NT).

Flights to Banda AcehThe airport at Banda Aceh is called Sultan Iskandarmuda Airport. A taxi will cost 70,000Rp from the airport to the centre of Banda Aceh. Lion Air has direct flights from Banda Aceh to Medan and Jakarta. www.lionair.co.id Sriwijaya Air has direct flights from Banda Aceh to Medan and Jakarta. sriwijayaair-online.com

Budget Hotels

Uncle's Homestay Jalan Mujahidin No. 2B, Lambaro Skep,Banda Aceh

Ph: 0852 6028 4432 Rp70,000/with fan, Rp100,000/with AC, Rp200,000/large with AC.

Joel's Bungalows, Lampuuk Beach Banda Aceh HP: 081 2691 0117

Al Kiram Guesthouse, Green Paradise, Wisma Diana, Yellow House












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