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Monday, December 12, 2011

Japanese Hydrogenated Water Available

What do you think of when you hear "oxidation"? If you are thinking along the lines of decomposing rot, degeneration, decay, aging, and deterioration than youre right on. So whats the cure? Think back to Chemistry, the first element, the most abundant element in the universe, the one with only one proton and one electron--that's right Hydrogen.

So here it it: if you want to get your hands on IZUMIO hydrogenated mineral water, state of the art from Japan, patened contact me. The only way to purchase is to become a member or have a member sponsor you. "The hydrogen dissolution rate of IZUMIO is the highest level available in today's manufactoring and technologies." I happen to be a member. You pay by month or 6 months whatever you prefer and they will ship it to you (free shipping, 30 packets of the hydrogonated water.) Its great for people with compromised immune systems, the elderly, athletes, those who are fighting premature aging, the vain, or people like me who work with kids and dont get enough sleep.

Buying the water includes 100 caps of the Super Lutein suppliments. Lutein is super big  in Asia, they give this stuff to their kids and elderly parents. Its a super anti-oxident, great for the eyes, plus DHA for the brain, other phytonutrients like Crocetin (carotenoid), Zeaxanthin, Lycopene. They dont sell the water separately. A month supply is 3999 NT, which is $132 US.

If youre interested let me know. There are offices in the US, Singapore, Taiwan and of course Japan. If you need an explanation in Mandarin my friend Edward Lin could happily explain it to you.  He went to the factory in Japan and one of the Japanese founders of the company actually came to Tainan to pay him a  is visit. He is an enthusiastic believer in the products.

I promise you will notice a difference in the water immediately. My friend's daughter had some cold sores in her mouth and he gave her the water in the morning. When she came home from school they were all gone!

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