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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Merging of Two Forces

This was the week of the converging of 2 parties. First on the gym front. Gyms in Tainan are the stuff of legends, a big gamble. Two years ago I paid a year membership at the fabulous Flying Club by my house, went to Colorado for Chinese New Year came back and the place was closed, the owner took off with everyone's money to China. Expats who have been here longer have even more horror stories. So I have been a member at E-Powerhouse every since then. The gym is close enough, small, locker rooms are like a stinky closet, don't ask me about when a lady drops a bomb, there is no air ventilation. The weight room is pretty good, a lot of buff meat heads go there. They have yoga, spinning and combat and dance classes. My membership ends in July.

I found out on Monday they are moving, merging with the pool/gym/spa where Z takes her swimming class. They will move the library or weights and its actually a bigger space with  a coffee bar. Z can watch me dance while I take a class. Membership fees are the same, but a little more if I want to swim. The pool is closed during lunch (bad business move) so I wont pay extra for that and just buy the tickets to use the pool as I already do, swim while Z has a class.

The spa is decent enough, dry sauna, and wet sauna, nothing close to the luxury of the former Flying Club, kinda musty and cave like, but great for a sweat. The pool is fantastic for laps. So that is one merger. They will renovate during Chinese New Year plus a week off and have added a free month to everyone for the inconvenience. Now they have a special 8 months for 5000NT. Did I mention this new location (under my former apartment) is closer to my home and work? Now I can ride my bike, no need for the scooter.

Pastor Yeh, Mary (Sharefun's owner), Vivian Yeh new assistant principal

The second merger of forces has been my church with my work. Chinese Pastor Yeh and his wife Vivian have come on board to Share Fun's management. It was announced to us at our weekly meeting Wednesday and they officially kicked it off at last night's annual end of the year staff dinner (I won 4200 NT!). Since Vivian has been busy behind the scenes these  past few weeks, the whole atmosphere of the school feel so much more lighter.

I have a positive feeling that change is happening for the best.

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landatdat said...

Hi Grace, i had stumbled onto this blog while searching for Pastor Joe Yeh, and his wife Vivian, i met them briefly while they were in Vancouver, BC, Canada and i had been trying to locate them, i knew they were going to Taiwan, but that was back in 2007-8, their old email address is no longer in service, i am wondering if you have their contact information, or you can forward a message to them to contact me, my name is Dr. James Hsia, and my email address is jyyh23@hotmail.com.