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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Triumph Of Tebow: God is a Bronco Fan

Everyone in Colorado has known for years, that God is in fact a Broncos fan. It is just recently the rest of the country is finally learning. Ok I've been a Bronco fan through and through, grew up watching Elway. I am just so fascinated by the whole Tebow phenomenon, this national conversation about Jesus and faith. 

His Christmas card was the top selling one on e-bay this year, his jersey is the 2nd highest selling in the NFL now (Z got one for Christmas from Grandpa).  Tebow hasn't even won a Superbowl but he already has a best selling book out. Ok so I am not back in Denver in the thick of it, I am living here in Tainan and read the papers, talk to my family on Skype, I caught the 3rd quarter of their last OT game, so I am very removed. Still its interesting to me.


Obviously I am cheering him on. It has been amazing watching the various reactions; the anti-Christian backlash (Bill Maher the notorious atheist for example) or even from Christians themselves who believe faith should be compartmentalized to the private sphere (Terrell Suggs).

There was that funny SNL skit that caused an uproar, with tight ass believers, i.e. Pat Robertson's total lame reaction. No wonder people are turned off by Jesus if people like Robertson are the loudest believers out there. I have faith Jesus has a better sense of humor than Pat Robertson. Tebow himself found the skit funny. Jesus was a man who hung out with rough and uncouth fisherman, I totally can see him sitting in a football locker room. I disagree with SNL's argument that Tebow is in "everyone' face" about his faith, he gives all the credit to God. I think that makes most American Christians from a Puritanical performance oriented theology totally uncomfortable (we ought to work hard and earn the victory). He is not in the natural a very talented quarterback by any means, and then these miraculous endings are nothing short of supernatural.

Even if Broncos are to lose to New England on Saturday, I think Tebow is a total champion. He has made million of people google John 3:16.  He has made people who consider themselves Christian just a little uncomfortable. Anyone who pushes the comfort envelope has to be interesting.

Of course Bronco fans are the best supporters too. We work hard, play harder and we are very devoted. I would not be surprised if the Broncos go all the way this year, "all things are possible..."

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